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We Are a Family of Heroes is HERE!

Shakiyah Demelien has debuted her First Childrens book... Available NOW on Amazon!

I am so excited to share this book with the world! It was definitely a labor of love because it was inspired by my little kiddos. As a military family we are in a unique community. That has its own language, customs and essentially it feels like a whole different world.

In this book you will meet Jojo who will take you on a journey. He will show you what it's like to be in a Military family and all of its ups and down but ultimately, he expresses how proud he is to be in a Military family!

I hope you guys enjoy this book and that it not only sheds light on the struggles of the military kid but the pride they have in their hearts. I hope that it opens up conversations at the dinner table but also conversation at the swing set!


Shh! I have a secret. My family is full of superheroes! While having superhero parents isn’t always easy, JoJo knows that being a part of a family of heroes means you have to live a special life. We are a Family of Heroes, by Shakiyah Demelien, takes a close look at what it’s like to live in a military family from a child’s perspective. With truth, pride, and love on every page, Demelien shows readers exactly what it means to come from a family of heroes.


"LOVED IT! “We are a Family of Heroes” is a GREAT read for any child but a game changer for any child of a military service member. Not many people understand the life of a Service Member, much less the mental strength it takes for that Service Member, Spouse or Child. The messages in this book were so much deeper than just a child’s story. As a Mother and Veteran, I feel as if this book should be considered be a resource to gauge and encourage military children in there unique lives. I know my children can relate to JoJo and his unique life, challenges and his new found appreciation for his family’s “SUPER POWERS”! AMAZING, life changing book!"

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