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Faint Glow

Shakiyah Sherill

​Your journey starts here to restore your CONFIDENCE, your POWER,  your STRENGTH, and your KNOWLEDGE about Self. Intrinsic Growth is your journey to getting the things you want out of life!



If This Is You...


You're a Bad Ass Mompreneur making moves but running at the speed of light. You feel GUILTY about not being able to spend quality time with your family. You are burnt out and unable to carve out time for vacations or even just a little self-care.


You're pulling out your hair, everything is in chaos,  to-do lists are not getting done, feeling unappreciated, and emotional spending. You just need to get the train back on track. So you can get back to the things that really matter...FAMILY!


Life is good! Your career is going well your kids are happy and your spouse Isn't complaining, BUT there is something missing from the equation. 

And you want to gain clarity, redefine your purpose, and find your power! 

You're in the Right Place!

Welcome to Intrinsic Growth

I want you to know that I am just like anyone of you visiting my site. You’re looking for a solution, some relief, because life is spinning so fast you can’t see the ground. OR you’re doing all the things right, self-care, meditating, exercising, and eating right, BUUUUT somehow you still feel unfulfilled and exhausted “SOUND FAMILIAR”?

I have been there as a military spouse, a mother, a career woman, and so many more hats. I found that everything I needed to move forward was already inside of me. “INTRINSIC STRENGTH”! I knew that I was meant to enjoy the life I help create, and my family deserved a happy wife and mother.

I started this journey for myself, and now I want to start this journey for YOU! I want you to be able to wake up every morning and feel grateful for the life that you have built! I want you to have the SUCCESS you want, the FAMILY you want, and the LIFE you want! 


Counselor | Life Coach

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

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